Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Treat

I always have grandiose plans when it comes to holidays. However, this year I was smart enough to realize that I didn't have time for grandiose and therefore wasn't disappointed when I didn't get around to what I had planned on doing.

I did still want to make a little treat for a few special people.

I found these Snicker's eggs on sale (plus I had a coupon--bonus!) I had my daughter choose a sheet of paper at the scrapbook store. You can't see it here, but it is a pastel blue with yellow flowers. Then I stamped on the other side with this cute chick stamp that I already had and handwrote the sentiment. I gave them to her to color again but only a few were colored before she lost interest. Bakers twine seems to be super popular in the crafting corner of the world (and at 6 cents a yard I got a bunch!) So I used it to complete the project.

I asked my daughter to hand the eggs out and in most cases she ripped off the tag and handed the candy to the recipient. Oh well, it would have been ripped off eventually anyway!

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