Sunday, September 16, 2012

Mixed Media

Have I ever mentioned that my mom is an artist?  Like, a real artist.  Oil paints, watercolor, you name it.  She is so talented.  I've always aspired to dabble in the world of fine art but the most I have ever done is watercolor. 

I found another Spark-related picture in my photo-decluttering. 

This time it was from Donna Downey's mixed media class and I would definatlye place it in the "fine art" category.  It was absolutely my favorite class that we did there.  (Which is funny because it was also the only class that we were late too and I just had to kind of jump in and figure out what the heck everyone else was doing.)

Basically we used a gel medium to adhere some regular old tissue paper to a canvas.  Then we used pan pastels (I think faber castell?) and stencils to make the hearts.  Then the rest of it was really up to us.  I felt that last year was really a turning point for our family in a lot of ways so I chose colors to express that.  I LOVED how she had us finish with those swirly stamps.  Donna Downey is amazing and I am so lucky that I was not only able to meet her, but to take a class from her. 

This is the last of my Spark projects that I have a picture of.  Did I also mention that they cancelled Spark this year?  Truth be told it probably wasn't the best year to go, both time-wise and financially (I forgot how expensive having a baby is!!)  But looking through these pictures has really made me want to go back.  Where else would I have had an opportunity to take a mixed-media class from the expert in person?! (She's from back east, I think.)  Or felt soap?
By the way, it's one of the only things I've made that I actually display in our home.  I also asked for a set of pan pastels for my birthday last year but I have yet to use them.
Also, the craft room is making major progress.  I am so excited!!