Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tip of the Week

If you read my personal blog (and have for awhile) then you might remember me talking about my hubby two-toning the paint in our new house a long (like, a long, long, long...) time ago.

While I'm on "my mommy vacation" I've been going through all of my old pictures that I was going to add to a blog "someday" and found these. 

(Actually, the top picture was taken right at the end of his painting project, like, a year and a half ago and he never actually painted the doors until we were finishing my newbies nursery.  Having the doors off in a craft room makes it easier to see all of my stuff.  Which is why my room downstairs may never have doors on the closet.  Anyway.)

(Also the before picture was taken during the day and the after at night.  Also I had the foresight to take the after picture before all of the tractor decals went up for newbies room.)


I think it is an amazing difference!  We bought our home as a spec home so we had zero input into how we wanted things.  Luckily, we liked 80% of how things were.  Obviously, or we wouldn't have bought it.  I loved the wall color at first.  It is that sort of dark clay color that is so popular now.  Plus it has that old-world-plaster-type finish.  But it was all monotone and after living here for a few months, I realized how dark it was and we felt like we were living in a cave.  The obvious solution was to just two-tone it (i.e. paint the trim and doors semi-glossy white.)  I don't remember it being terribly expensive.  And it seemed pretty easy.

I say seemed because I actually didn't even lift a finger for the entire project. 

I'm grateful my husband likes to paint so much.

Anyway, an easy solution to drab paint: try two-toning!