Sunday, March 27, 2011

Butterfly dress

Normally I don't apologize when I go MIA on these blogs, but this time I have a really good excuse. For a few weeks every spare minute I had went into finishing a dress I started last year for my daughter. I was so afraid to learn how to use my sewing maching and I have no idea why. It was so much fun! I bought the material with the idea of it being worn mid- to late-summer. And my daughter loves butterflies. I was afraid it would be too small for her now (and by the measurements it should be) but it actually fits her just right. Hopefully the weather will warm up so that she can wear it! I love the details. Particularly the ribbon.

The buttons were supposed to attach on the inside, but it didn't look right. So I moved them to the outside.

And the appliqued butterflies. Again, the details!

Of course I had to try it on her when I finished.

She wouldn't stop twirling long enough for me to take a really good picture of her. I think that's a good sign that she likes the dress!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Lion and Lamb Cupcakes

Happy March! To celebrate getting to one of my favorite months of the year, I thought I would make Lion and Lamb cupcakes to go along with the old adage In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb.

Let's hope that is the case, anyway!

I found this idea on Recipe and instructions are here.

Here is my version.

The lions look pretty close to the original.


the lambs do not!

This recipe calls for the Hershey Swoops candy for the head. I could not find these (I don't even know if they make them anymore) so I used miniature peppermint patties instead. Also, the recipe calls for jelly beans, but apparently I should have used itty-bitty jelly beans because, as it is, I cut the jelly beans in half and they were still enormous. Finally (and I just discovered this one after looking at an enlargement of the original) the recipe calls for mini nonpariels, which I used. The original, however, uses those white nonpariel-covered chocolate chips. It makes a big difference! So I am a little frustated by the inaccuracy of the directions, and at my inability to spot these inaccuracies before I started making the lambs. Hopefully I will have spared the same frustrations to any readers who decide to make these themselves.

They do make pretty cute teddy bears, though.