Tuesday, January 11, 2011


We moved to a new house this last summer. The majority of my craft things ended up being packed in a very unorganized way, and with Christmas being so busy this year...well, let's just say that neither my husband nor I could even find a pair of scissors to use last week.

So I vowed to myself to get my craft room under control this week.

Which is why I haven't been able to craft one thing. Sad face.

I am proud to say that, except for my scrapbooking stuff (which is, like, 75% of what I own that is craft-related) everything is neatly organized thanks to 7 days of little-to-no-plans and a very patient 17-month old daughter. She was just happy to sit and sort through my stickers and paper. I have to admit that her "helping" was more like taking one step forward, two steps back. But it kept her happy which meant I got more done. And even my scrapbooking stuff is organized into neat piles, waiting to be put away. I have pictures of my progress that I will post once everything is in place and, um, pretty?

I have an addiction of going to craft stores and buying more stuff than I will ever use so I have been very firm with myself. I cannot buy anything new until I complete one box of unfinished projects. That's saying a lot.

See you next week!

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