Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tip of the Week

If you are like me then the man in your life loves steak. Problem is I am not willing to go stand outside in subzero weather and grill anything during the winter!

I think I finally figured out how to decently pan-fry steak this week.

First of all, you want to let whatever meat you are cooking with come to room temperature. I learned this from Rachael Ray and it really does make a difference!

Second, make sure whatever pan you are cooking it in is super hot. I am always too impatient to let things heat up (or come to room temp, for that matter.) Here again, it really does make a difference. It also doesn't hurt to put a little bit of oil in the pan. Having a super hot pan will make a nice sear on the outside.

If you are using a smaller pan, cook only one at a time, keeping the other warm under some tented foil. I cooked my 3/4-in steak for 3 minutes per side and it came out medium-done (exactly how I like it!) Just adjust according to you preference. I have also learned that letting meat rest after you cook it really is important (here again, a patience factor for me) because it lets the juices redistribute, making for a tastier meal. Not to mention, it's easier to slice.

This method also worked really well for some cod that I seared later in the week. I'm not sure it would work well for chicken since you don't want any raw poultry in the middle. However, I have heard a tip to fry poultry in a pan and then transfer it to an oven to finish cooking.

I never thought I would write a post entirely dedicated to meat...

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