Monday, January 7, 2013

Craft Room: Update

I haven't been as good as I had planned on being on updating the progress of my new room, but we are nearly finished!  My husband has been hard at work getting things painted, installed, and built.  I've been busy sorting and organizing.  Here are a few pictures of our progress:

We bought this shelving unit at IKEA after seeing one in a friend's craft room.  As you can tell, I have hardly filled it up...which means I need to do some shopping!

I was in desperate need of some workspace.  My old 12x48 workspace, which I used all of the time, just wasn't enough.  So I proposed an idea for a work table to my husband and he built it for me--like, in a day.  He's amazing.  I would have been happy with just a slab of particle board, but he went a step further and trimmed it out in decorative edging.  It looks fantastic!

That box on my desk and the bag to the left of it (hard to see) are full of things that I have acquired and need to be organized since this project began.  I think I have a problem.

I had to go buy a third paper organizer.  It was on clearance which makes me think that Hobby Lobby might not be stocking them anymore.  That makes me nervous; I'd better stop buying paper.  (Yeah, right.)  There is a collapsible hobby table that I found at Joanns that we allowed space for (folded up) between the paper organizers and my desk.

My closet is one of my most favorite things about my room.  There is so much room in there that, again, it will take me awhile to fill it up.  I wanted to keep my modular organizers (previously part of my desk) so S built the shelves to accomodate them (I even have room for a few more.)

Finally, it's hard to tell, but in the previous picture and the next picture, you can see an angled wall that I haven't quite known what to do.  I found a giftwrap organization method on Pinterest that I thought would be ideal in this spot.  I've always wanted to get my giftwrap out and on display: it can be so pretty!

Even since I took these pictures a few weeks ago, we've made a lot of progress.  I am confident that by the end of January everything will be installed and I'll be ready to play again!

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