Monday, March 4, 2013

Easter Banner

I started writing this post last year (which is why all of the pictures say "2012") but when I realized I was actually closer to this Easter, I decided to wait.

Our home seems to be lacking in decorations for all of the holidays besides Halloween and Christmas.  I found a tutorial for making this cute banner for Easter. 

I call this project a "breakthrough project" for me becuase I finally learned how to properly modge podge.

Exhibit A

Can you tell a difference?

Exhibit B

How about now?

See, no one ever actually told me you were supposed to sand down the edges.  It makes for such a neater finish.  Since then, I have been much happier modge-podge  ing.

Anyway, for this project I just bought a dozen or so ovals (or eggs) and modge-podged each of them with a different spring-ish colored paper.  Then I cut out the letters to spell "Happy Easter" with my Slice.  Then I freehanded paper pieces to make little chick and bunny faces.  I had to use a heavy duty hole punch to cute holes in each egg and then I tied each of them together with a different color of ribbon.  I think it turned out pretty cute, if I do say so.  We'll see how it fared in storage from the past year...

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