Sunday, November 20, 2011

Birthdays are fun!

I am blessed to know some very creative people!

My birthday started out with french toast made from Kneader's Chunky Cinnamon Bread. YUM!

I love this gift from my coworker!

Another coworker brought these awesome S'mores Cupcakes (if I get a source, I'll link it here.)

This was fun: another coworker found 30 facts from 1981:

and filled a bag with several items--30 of each. So creative!

And possibly my favorite crafted-for-me-item ever. My husband made me a card this year. He said he went into my craft room and was overwhelmed by all of the supplies, so he just started grabbing things and sticking them on. To paraphrase him, he ran out of a glue stick and ended up Modge-Podging the whole thing and Modge Podge gets everywhere, apparently. I absolutely love it; I think he did a terrific job!

Ladies: he's mine :)

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