Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentines Box of Chocolates

I saw this idea from somewhere, some time ago...except for the chocolates were lined up in a cellophane bag with an embellished bag topper. I thought it would make a fun Valentine gift for the grandparents and my sweetheart. And I put mine in boxes.

If you want a tutorial, keep reading.

I bought a few bags of the Hershey Nuggets chocolates. This shape lends itself well to the project.

Take any pattern of scrapbook paper that you would like. I chose Valentine's themed, of course. Cut into 1-inch strips.

Then cut those 1-inch strips into 3-inch sections.

This size fits perfectly around the candy bars. It took awhile for the glue to dry so I had to set each one in a clothespin, but they turned out pretty cute.

Then I found these Wilton treat boxes at Michaels.

I started decorating them a bit. Then my daughter got a hold of the paper and started coloring on it. My inner OCD began to panic until I realized it was, after all, a present for the grandparents and would be treasured that much more.

Here's my cute little helper. She sure loves mommy's craft room! And she's pretty good at this stuff for only being a year and a half old.

I lined 24 candy bars up in each box. And again after my daughter took them all back out.

Here are the finished products! (The orange crayon is my daughter's artwork. She also contributed with the hearts and flowers.)

And a close-up again of the finished product.

This was fun but a little time consuming. I think next year I'll go back to my cookies :) But I did like how the little candies looked peeping through the window.

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