Thursday, December 23, 2010


It seriously looks like our tree exploded into a mountain of presents at our house!

I love giving presents at Christmas. I start my planning early in the fall and eagerly anticipate the expressions of the recipients.

I am also a sucker for beautifully wrapped presents. I found a few years ago that buying one or two spools of wire-edged ribbon can turn ordinary into the extraordinary. I roughly measure the amount needed for a gift. Then I start at the top, cross underneath and then come back up, tying into a neat-ish bow. No tape required and super easy. (Sorry, no pictures because as it turns out, some things do require both hands to do!)

Getting sick so close to Christmas almost foiled all of my plans but thankfully I knew I wouldn't really be getting any time off between the first week of December and Christmas so most Christmas-ing was done early in December.

I also planned ahead and made some homemade gift tags. I cut one sheet of scrapbook paper into 12 3x4 squares and just lopped off a corner on each top. Then I punched a hole in the center.

Then I found some clear "To" and "From" stamps and some cute accents with holly and stamped the back of each tag assembly-line-style.

I then took some embroidery thread and tied each tag onto a loop of the ribbon.

So as you can see it doesn't take much to make a present look fantastic. Ribbon cost about $8 for 90 ft. (considering it took care of almost every package, I think that's pretty good), and I had the rest of the supplies on hand, including the wrapping paper which we bought earlier when Hobby Lobby had it on sale 50% off.

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